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nerdsbianism, pirates and time travel
"how do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?"
S. 24 years old, Italy
Currently watching True Blood.
Living in a Golden Girls appreciation life
Bering and Wells + Snow Queen are ♥
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"So big they dragged behind me when I walked, and they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds. They never faltered, not even once. I could trust them."

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So, I’m thinking about Blanche, Rose and Sophia as the three crazy fairies and Dorothy as Maleficent.
I’m watching Maleficent and thinking about the Girls, did you notice??

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the golden girls,


Warehouse 13 + text posts: part 2.
[Part 1]

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Myka: I turned you down [for a Warehouse position]
Mrs. Frederic: Nobody turns us down. We're like the mob, but less violent.
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"I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort and disappointment and perseverance."

Vincent van Gogh

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So, I called my iPhone Blanche, because it’s a white one and because of…Blanche


Warehouse 13 + text posts: part 1.
[Part 2]

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i miss my Bering and wells,

Vote now! Femalsh Madness Final Round!

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do you know what happens to women like me when we get old? we’re pariahs. we die alone in the dark.

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oh my Pam,